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How does "Order to collect" work?
We have developed this “Order to Collect” system specially to reduce face-to-face interaction between our guests and team members when ordering take out from ARTBOX Cafe, whilst there is stil a risk of COVID-19.

What it's for
If you come to ARTBOX Cafe and fancy some delicious ice cream, refreshing drinks or Gudetama merchandise, you can use Order to Collect from your phone to select what you’d like and place your order online. Our team will then put together your items ready for you to grab, go and enjoy. Order to Collect isn’t designed to use from home - it’s for use by people as and when come by the cafe, so they can place their order from a safe distance away.

You can make payment by card online when you place your order - this is the preferred option, as it involves minimal contact between guest and team members. You can also pay in person at the counter when you collect your order.

When it’s available
Order to Collect is available during the times that ARTBOX Cafe is open, which is currently:

Mon - Fri: 12pm - 6pm
Sat - Sun: 11am - 6pm

During the hours that ARTBOX Cafe is closed you’ll still be able to access the Order to Collect webpage as a way to view our menu, but you won’t be able to place an order.

What's available
The items available via Order to Collect and take out currently are our delicious ice cream which is made in-house, refreshing hot and cold drinks, and a range of goods from our Sanrio Boutique including Gudetama x ARTBOX Cafe exclusive items.

Can I still order in the normal way?
Although we greatly encourage the use of Order to Collect, we understand that not everyone will have a working smartphone on them at all times, so we are still accepting orders in person at the cafe, with extra safety measures in place.

Take out packaging
Our take out pots, cones and cups for ice creams and drinks are currently Gudetama themed, so they’re sure to delight any fan of the Lazy Egg or fans of Sanrio and cute stuff in general! Sustainability is important to us so all of our take out packaging down to the little colourful spoons is compostable or biodegradable and made from plant based materials.

If you have any further questions or feedback for our team, please get in touch at contact@artboxcafe.co.uk and we’ll be more than happy to help.
ARTBOX Cafe in Brighton is the UK's first dedicated character themed cafe. We are offering delicious ice cream, drinks and Sanrio merchandise for take out.
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If you have questions about ordering take out from ARTBOX Cafe, please click the menu icon to access our help pages.
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